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Just Me

Just Me Album Cover
  • Bright Lights
  • Gentle Rain
  • Lookin' for a Job
  • Liar in the Mirror
  • Need your Love
  • The Kite
  • Huggin' a Rose Bush
  • One Last Kiss
  • The Songwriter
  • Homeless
  • Johnny
Produced by Dana French & John Esposito
All Songs Writen by Dana French
All Instruments by Dana French
Special Thanks to Dennis Kintop, Al Perfect, Gary Belniak, Andrew Young Photography and Brian Long.

Bare My Soul and Take the Beating

Bare My Soul and Take the Beating Album Cover
  • Chrissy Lee
  • Hold on Lover
  • Just Like Yesterday
  • I Believe
  • Mercy of the Hands
  • Life on the Run
  • Little Girl Like You
  • Same Damn Way
  • Starting Over
  • Lonely Boy
  • Thats the Way the World Is
  • Stronger and Stronger
  • Nothing I Wouldn't Do
  • Ever So Lightly

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